Submit a Story to Shamrock Legacy

$ 200.00 USD

Would you like to honor your Irish ancestors? Our Shamrock Legacy gallery is a place for you to remember your forebears and tell the rich stories of those who played their part in the major themes of American immigrant life. Many of us have been inspired by the tenacity of those who came before us and thrived, despite extreme circumstances.

These gallery pieces are the result of a collaboration between you and your family and our Museum historians. Your photos and narration (a few paragraphs/pages) will be augmented by considerable research on our part. We will develop your ancestors' story and present it in a broader context for the greater Irish community to consider. Once you approve a final version, your loved one will join our gallery of remembrance.

No matter how significant or modest, each of our ancestor's stories are important and worth telling. Join us!

Please note that Shamrock Legacy information will be collected by a member of our team via email once payment has been processed. You will be sent an email asking you to send a narration and a photo or two that we will begin with, and we will begin a considerable amount of interaction.