March 6, 2021
Written by 
Luke F. McCusker III

Timothy M. Hurley

Timothy and Lilly’s wedding portrait

Timothy Michael Hurley was born in County Cork, Ireland on May 2, 1878. His parents were Michael Hurley and Bridget Minehane, who married in 1876. After having three children, the family emigrated from Ireland in 1881 and settled in West Baltimore’s St. Martin of Tours parish. Dad was illiterate; he became a railroad laborer, while Mom raised a total of seven children at their homes on Lemmon St. & S. Calhoun St. until her early death on July 6, 1901. Michael died on February 9, 1925.

Their son Timothy was a native Gaelic speaker, and was naturalized in 1898. He married Lilly Schemma on June 25, 1902 and became a special detective for the B&O Railroad’s Police Department, working at the round house on Pratt St. They had six daughters (five who survived to adulthood) and lived at 1315 W. Pratt St., next door to his in-laws. Timothy served as a Democrat election judge in 1916. The family moved to Edmondson Village in the 1930s and lived there until his death on February 3, 1953. He was buried from St. Bernardine’s Church and interred at New Cathedral Cemetery.

Timothy is pictured here, being chauffeured in a stylish vehicle.

Thanks to Patricia Bruner for these photos and narration, and the donation of her grandfather’s police baton, on display at the Museum.

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