St. Peter the Apostle Cemetery

Father McColgan of St. Peter The Apostle Church purchased more than twenty acres from the estate of John McClelland in 1850, and the cemetery was opened in September of 1851. Located at Moreland Avenue and Bentalou Street and consisting of twenty acres, the cemetery was referred to by parishioners as “Parishes Fear”.

Unfortunately, no arrangements were made for perpetual care, and the cemetery today is neglected and virtually abandoned except for occasional rescue efforts. Although the number interred is recorded from 13,000 to 15,000, most of the gravesites are hidden over by a century of dust. However, many of the gravestones fully visible bear the birthdate and counties in Ireland where the residents were born, some in Gaelic. About one third of the cemetery has been somewhat restored, but the balance, except for some tracts, are hidden in the forest.

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